CSW-TB101D Sliding Window (Thermal Insulation)

CSD-TB101D is a thermal insulated sliding window system for residential and commercial usage. This system make thermal break system affordable, and still keep a high requirement in U-value. Outstanding water draining ability can deal with extreme weather.  


Benefits of CSW-TB101D Sliding Window (Thermal Insulation)

Aluminum profile width: 101.6mm, T=1.8mm. Excellent thermal barrier strips ensure high-performance heat insulation. It can perfectly join with CAS’ other series windows to make a combination.


Standard configuration: 6+12A+6mm insulated glass, or options of other DGU/Laminated glass with thickness less than this size.


A high bottom track design can prevent water inflow. At the same time, due to the unique drainage system, it can help to drain out water within a short time at extreme weather.


The bottom rail is covered by a cover plate to form a fixed sash and an incredible performance of sealing and sense of integrity, with the function of anti-theft.


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