Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Jiasaw puzzle is a kind of game both for kids and adults. It can be made of paper board, fiberboard and wood. Usually the wood one we call


“building blocks”. All of them could help develop children’s intelligence. A jigsaw puzzle, as could have different pieces, so the difficulty is from easy to hard and it is a great tool to enlighten our kids.


Jigsaw Puzzle has their own modules according to their pieces. The existing modules have 12pcs, 24pcs, 36pcs, 48pcs, 49pcs, 50pcs, 60pcs, 63pcs, 64pcs, 72pcs, 96pcs, 100pcs, 117pcs, 200pcs, 250pcs, 252pcs, 300pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs and the largest quantity is 1008pcs. If your puzzle piece is not in these, you should make a new module as the cost is very high. Of course, if the quantity of puzzles exceeds 5000 ets, a new module also is available. A glossy paper-mounted whiteboard as its material is a good choice as a white board not have much paper powder when playing. Some puzzles have a layer board to hold it when playing but its pieces will not be much.


What the Jigsaw Puzzle is?

The material of the jigsaw puzzle has white card+ greyboard, art paper + greyboard, art paper+ CCNB and CCWB. How to choose? Does it up to the thickness of the puzzle you needed? More thick more expensive and more white more expensive also. The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle have 12pcs at least and 1008pcs at most. Above hundred pieces, there are 100, 105, 117, 200, 250, 252, 300, 500, 1000 and 1008 pcs. And their conventional shapes as rectangular, square, and round and their sizes are from 210x280mm to 500x700mm. And their packing boxes have cardbox, board boxes, tubes and so on. For some puzzles, there is a bottle of glue in the games that you can glue together so it can not miss after finished it. But adding glue will add the difficulty of clearance as the glue is dangerous articles. Anyway, do a jigsaw puzzle, it ups to your design and budget.