JimaFor Forging

Specialization in Big Forging Parts and Metal Processing

JimaFor specialized in the production of big forging parts, metal forging processing, heat treatment, etc, At present, it has formed a complete production process accessories chain.


With capability of fully automatic peeling, blanking, heat treatment and surface treatment of raw materials, cold and warm forging, and mechanical processing after forging.


Focus on Material Quality

Material is the life of forgings. The quality of forgings has always been inseparable from the quality of materials.


Expertise in High-Strength and Wear-Resistant Materials

JimaFor relies on its own technical advantages, starting from making materials, and making its own high-quality aluminum alloy forgings. From the beginning of material smelting, material composition, microstructure, performance, material deformation process, forging streamline, forging heat treatment, metallographic structure, forging surface and appearance, forging thermal stability, etc., to fully control the quality of forgings.


Advanced Production Capabilities

Has rich experience in the production and processing of high-strength and wear-resistant aluminum alloy materials and alloy steel products.


JimaFor advantage: JimaFor always hold on some available hard aluminum alloy materials stock with 2014 2024 2214 2218 2219 2618 2017 5083 6061 6082 7049 7075 7050 7079 7475 7178 7475 7175 7A04 etc.


With China’s first 20T full hydraulic die forging hammer production line, can produce the bearing surface 406944mm2, about 500kg of with precise dimensions and beautiful forming.