Custom Notebook Planner Journal

Notebooks, planners, and journals, in some way, are all notebooks. But the notebooks we called in the market, their designs are a little simple and the thickness of the cover does not exceed 1mm. Planner as its word “plan” with planning by time, there is monthly, weekly, yearly and no time limitation planner in the market. Some have their own particular usage like wedding planners, gym planners, training planners, photographic planners and so on. About the journals, they have themes that like animals, flowers, cosmetics and so on. Their printing, binding ways and surface processes are generic and to manufacturers, they are all “notebooks”. Planners have special structures that have tab pages or index pages or sticker pages that the manufacturers do not have much so offer high-grade planners, and the manufacturers’ circle is small. To us, custom a notebook or planner or journal, is one of our main businesses as they have most processes and difficulties in the printing industry which we like challenges.


Journals vs. Notebooks: What’s the Difference?

To products, the notebook is more generalized than a journal which includes an exercise book, diary, agenda, journal, planner, and so on. According to our years of production experiences, the journal is one kind of notebook but it has confirmed themes, like girly, children, plants, animals,s or other themes. The structure like its text has circles on several pages, each circle has part of the test that is the same at least. Some journals also have time settings, but they are not clear as planners. For sales time limitations, it is not hard. From our clients, most of them like the cover of the journal is a hardcover made of glossy paper with gray board and its binding prefer to YO. That’s our experiences from the journal. If you have more ideas, welcome to share them with [email protected].