Description of RFID Epoxy RFID Card

Description of RFID EPOXY RIFD Tag Epoxy rfid key cards is anti-dust, waterproof, bubble, transparency such as glass and three-dimensional sense of good, suitable for membership management, points, consumer systems, card payments, product identification, school management, community management, access control attendance, identification, bus. It can be customized any pattern. According to the different requirements of customers making a variety of cartoon shapes, colorful, lifelike images, is the ideal choice for all business promotions.


DTB RFID Keyfob can be designed in different sizes and various shapes complying with your request. It is a very good option to display customized style. DTB has rich experience in doing RFID Keyfob, and can offer the super quality, cost-effective price, and fast delivery RFID Keyfob for you!


Free samples can be offered if stock available.


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