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Polyurethane Super Wear-Resistant Industrial Floor

Adopting a patented surface treatment scheme, the overall improvement of the floor’s super strong wear resistance and scratch resistance, with a wear-resistant revolution of up to 21500, can ensure a 10-year wear-resistant service life in industrial environments.


The combination of super wear resistance and super scratch resistance ensures the long-term cleanliness and service life of the ground system of this product in heavy industrial environments.


Specifications of Polyurethane Super Wear-Resistant Industrial Floor:





thickness : 1.4mm  × width(2m-3m) ×length : 30m

Colors can be customized according to the Lauer color card


The supplied products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.


Features of Ultra Wear-Resistant Industrial Roll Flooring


1. Wear resistance: Over 20000 revolutions for corrosion resistance


Due to the high requirement for frequent use of industrial floors, the corrosion resistance revolution of industrial floors should be above 20000 revolutions to ensure the service life of the floor.


2. Product hardness: above Shore hardness D15:55


The transportation tool commonly used in industrial production workshops is forklifts, which have a heavy load and hard wheels. If the plate hardness is not enough, it will cause the floor to be unable to support and cause dents when the wheels are rolling over the ground. In this situation, once the forklifts turn, it will cause the floor to be twisted and damaged by the torque generated by the wheels, resulting in deformation, bulging, and wrinkling.


3. Residual value of depression: EN ISO 24343-1:2012 standard test result: average value 0.00mm


This parameter can reflect the compressive performance of the floor itself.


4. The product has a glass fiber stable layer, and the surface layer and bottom layer are produced using materials of the same composition. This structural layer is designed to prevent floor expansion and contraction.


5. The thickness of the surface polyurethane wear-resistant layer is above 0.7mm. The thicker the surface wear-resistant layer, the longer the ground service life.


(We provide proof of testing reports from national authoritative testing institutions)


Scope of Application:


★ Mechanical factory


★ Heavy Industry


★ Hangar


★ Turning worker


★ Electronic workshop


★ Transportation and warehousing


★ Light industry, chemical industry, textile


★ and other places with wear resistance requirements, workshops, etc