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Epoxy Polymer Industrial Flooring

Epoxy coil floor products using the most advanced technology and automation equipment production, product quality is stable, diversified varieties, and low carbon environmental protection. Compared with PVC floor, epoxy floor, etc., it has excellent performance, such as super pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, fire protection, easy to clean, and green environmental protection. Widely used in new energy, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, electricity, electronics, machinery manufacturing, building decoration, medicine, medical equipment, food, environmental protection and many other fields, over the years has served nearly 100 of the world’s top 500 enterprises.


Characteristics of Epoxy Polymer Industrial Flooring

1. Antibacterial and mold resistant;


2. Anti static electricity;


3. Low temperature resistance: can be used normally at a low temperature of -30 ℃ without cracking, embrittlement, wear resistance, and heavy load resistance;


4. Preventing cracks on the ground;


5. Anti heavy load walking forklift;


6. Green and environmentally friendly;


7. Finished product installation;


8. The fire resistance and flame retardancy index can reach B1 level;


9. Sound absorption and noise prevention: The sound absorption can reach 12-20 decibels;


10. Ultra strong wear resistance;


11. High elasticity and super strong impact resistance;


12. Super strong anti slip;


13. Ultra light and ultra-thin;


14. Simple and easy cutting and splicing;


15. Fast installation and construction: The forklift can be driven in 24 hours;


16. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: After inspection by authoritative institutions, polymer industrial flooring has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and can withstand harsh environmental tests. It is very suitable for use in various production workshops, clean workshops, dust-free workshops, hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, and other places.


17. Environmentally friendly and renewable;


18. Super anti fouling and easy to clean.


Advantages of Epoxy Industrial Roll Flooring

1. The industrial floor is produced using high-density modified resin raw materials, without adding fillers during the production process. The industrial floor must have the high density characteristics of polymer structure construction, enhance the floor’s resistance to heavy loads, wear, dirt, and service life.


2. Wear resistance: The required number of corrosion-resistant revolutions is 20000 or more. Because the frequency of use of industrial floors is much higher than that of ordinary commercial floors, industrial floors have high requirements for floor wear resistance. Industrial floors must have a corrosion resistance revolution of over 20000 revolutions to ensure their service life.


3. Product hardness: It is required to achieve a Shore hardness of D15:55 or above. The transportation tool commonly used in industrial production workshops is forklifts, which have a heavy load and hard wheels. If the floor hardness is not enough, it will cause the floor to be twisted and damaged by the torque generated by the wheels, resulting in deformation, bulging, and wrinkling.


4. Residual value of depression: EN ISO 24343-1:2012 standard test result requirement: average value 0.00mm. This parameter can reflect the compressive performance of the floor itself.


5. The product has a glass fiber stable layer and the surface layer and bottom layer are produced using materials of the same composition. This structural layer is set to prevent floor expansion and contraction, and is a necessary structural layer.


6. The thickness of the surface wear-resistant layer must be above 0.7mm. The thicker the surface wear-resistant layer, the longer the service life of the ground.


7. Industrial flooring must have excellent tensile strength (resistance to physical cracks caused by base expansion cracking), with a tensile strength of over 250%.


8. Industrial flooring has impact resistance, preventing severe physical damage to the ground when heavy objects fall.


9. Industrial floors have washability to prevent damage to the ground after repeated cleaning after use.


10. Conforming to European EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Section 9&EN ISO 9239-1:2010&EN ISO 11925-2:2010, Cor.1:2011 flame retardant standard Bf1-s1 level.


11. Wear resistance ≤ 1.6mm³ (Test standards EN660-2:1999 and EN649:2011).


12. All products have obtained EU CE certification and EU ROHS certification.


(All products have testing report certificates from national authoritative testing institutions)


Advantages of Epoxy Industrial Roll Flooring

Customization Options of Epoxy Polymer Industrial Flooring

1. Thickness: 1.6mm-4.0mm; Width: 2m-3m; Length: 10m-20m/roll.


2. Color: Epoxy flooring is available in a wide range of colors. This allows businesses to choose a color that matches their brand or the aesthetic of their facility.


3. Patterns and Designs: Epoxy flooring can be customized with different patterns and designs. This can include simple geometric patterns, company logos, or more complex designs.