Do You Know How to Choose Cross-country Tires

Older drivers need to remember one thing: it is not the more expensive the tires, the better . And it is not that one tire can fit to any cars.


The selection of on off road tyres needs to be backed up by a certain amount of knowledge. Let me explain it to you:


In general, the tyres can be divided into road tyres, all terrain tyres, and mud tyres.


Highway tyres

Highway tyres is a kind of original tyre most willingly to be used by the majority of automobile manufacturers, which ensures the economical efficiency and comfortability and has a certain light off-road ability. The off-road performance of this kind of tire is slightly poor, but it has a long service life and low noise, and is more stable than light all-round tire and mud tire.


All terrain tyres

All terrain tyre has a harder tread and stronger tread pattern than road tyre. It can enhance the tyres’ grip and wear resistance on the non-paved road surface, so it is also the most commonly used tire for off-road vehicles after modification on the road. Comfortability and noise indicators of all terrain tyres are also very reasonable, belonging to a kind of off-road and comfortable tire. If you spend about the same amount of time driving on urban roads as on sandy and soft soil roads,  all-around tires will be a good choice, whose wide tread will increase the floatability on soft roads. At the same time, due to the poor off-road performance, the fuel consumption will be lower.


Mud tyres

Generally, only on off road enthusiasts and workers working on special roads will choose mud tyres. On the contrary to highway (HT) tire, the mud tire has a hard wall, exaggerated tread, and the distance between the tire teeth is obviously large, which is convenient for slow or high-speed mud dumping when driving on muddy ground. In addition, it is easier to increase the adhesion on some bad ground. Driving on the road will make louder noise than the all-around tire. The stronger the on off road performance the tyres have, the harder the tyres will be, and the louder the noise will be. At the same time, it will also accelerate the wear and tear degree. But the benefits are also obvious: on more complex rocky and grass roads, mud provides better support and more traction to help you out of trouble, and it is a good choice for on off road tyres.