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Elevator Manufacturer Share How To Use Elevators Correctly

Elevator Manufacturer share safety elevator knowledge1. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods that are flammable, explosive or corrosive.

2. Do not shake the car left or right while riding the elevator.

3. It is forbidden to smoke in the car to avoid fire.

4. When the elevator is trapped in the car due to power outages, malfunctions, etc., the passenger should remain calm, call the emergency rescue call or press the elevator bell in time, and then wait patiently for the rescue.

5. When the passenger is trapped in the car, it is strictly forbidden to open the car door to prevent personal injury or fall injury.

6. If the passenger finds that the elevator is running abnormally, he should immediately stop the passenger use and notify the maintenance personnel to check and repair.

7. Pay attention to the load on the passenger elevator. If an overload occurs, please reduce the number of employees automatically to avoid danger due to overload.

8. When the elevator door is about to close, do not forcibly rush into the elevator, do not stand against the hall car door.

10. After entering the elevator, do not back up the car door to prevent the door from falling when it opens, and do not step back out of the elevator. Pay attention to whether it is level when entering or leaving the elevator.

11. Elevator passengers should follow the instructions of the ride, obey the arrangement of the elevator service personnel, and use the elevator correctly.

12. Children and other persons with no capacity for civil activity to take the elevator shall be accompanied by a healthy adult.

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