• $9.12

Faber Cement Remover

Faber Cement Remover


  • Post installation concentrated acid detergent designed to remove cement and inorganic dirt

  • Suitable for removing cement grout residue from wall tile, floor tiles & other fittings

  • Highly concentrated, highly active, it reacts fast and it provides results in most cases

  • The product will react with the residue and it will emulsify it within a few minutes

  • It can remove water based and solvent based varnishes as well, inorganic dirt, etc

  • It will not affect the top glazing of the tile even after a number of treatments

  • Many people use the new Faber Cement Remover to remove salt effervescentes

  • The product is suitable for heavy duty residential use, commercial use and industrial use

  • To be used only on cement resistant tiles that are sealant free and not polished yet

  • It emulsifies cement grout, cement adhesives, mortar and some types of paints

  • The safest way of removing residue and inorganic residue from tiled floors & walls