• $45.84

Faber Gres Protector

Faber Gres Protector 


  • Stain-proof protector for all ceramic and porcelain surfaces

  • 100% invisible, low odour, non yellowing and easy to clean

  • It will not enhance the colour of the surface and it will not glaze

  • Its main job is to reduce the surface absorbency & seal it

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use & vertical or horizontal 

  • Suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential sealing

  • 1L will cover around 20 to 30 sq meters but it can vary

  • A sealed surface is easier to clean and needs less care

  • Superb protector against coffee stains, wine stains, juices

  • To be applied over a clean, dry and sealant free surface

  • It will provide a few years of protection if maintained properly