• $10.99

Faber Coloured Stain Remover 500 ML

Faber Coloured Stain Remover 500 ML


  • A professional heavy duty colour stain remover for all natural stone surfaces

  • Safe to use on all natural stone surfaces, ceramics, stoneware, cotto, concrete

  • It will fully remove coffee stains, tea stains, red wine stains, juice, ink, marker, etc

  • Also highly effective against a wide range of stains caused by mould and algae

  • Thanks to its gel like composition this product will attach nicely to vertical surfaces

  • It will only react with the stain itself and it will not negatively affect the stone surface

  • Once applied to the surface there is no need to scrub it or to agitate it with brushes

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use | 500 ML will cover a pretty large surface area

  • The new Faber Coloured Stain Remover 500 ML is 100% water based & fume free

  • Suitable for light residential use and also for heavy duty commercial stain removal