• $52.20

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer


  • Colour enhancing, stain proof impregnator, wet look finish for all absorbent surfaces

  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor treatments and waterproofing projects

  • The product will penetrate fully and it will not glaze the surface, unaffected by UV 

  • It provides unequalled protection against water, oil stains, food stains, traffic stains

  • The product is solvent based and has to be applied over clean, dry surfaces

  • It can be applied with a brush, a roller, a cloth or some kind of special applicator

  • To be applied over unsealed surfaces that were not sealed with a protector glazer

  • Not compatible with compact stones or natural stones with little or no absorbance

  • Its recommended coverage area is 20-30 square meters per 1L but it can vary

  • It will not yellow and it will not create overlapping, It creates a cool wet look finish