Wood Plastic Composite Decking Floor: What are the Advantages?

The introduction of the advantages of wood plastic composite decking floor:


1. Long service life: The service life of wood plastic composite decking floor is three to four times higher than that of ordinary wood, that is to say, it can be used for 10 to 50 years. It has a long use time, so the wood plastic composite flooring is more cost-effective naturally.


2. Loss is lower than wood: the use of wood in then wood plastic composite decking floor is less than the ordinary wood under the same conditions. And wood plastic composite decking floor is mostly hollow specifications, which can save more production materials. At the same time, the cost of the hollow sheet is lower, and the price will be more favorable. Hollow profiles also have the advantage of reducing their own weight and load-bearing capacity. These are the advantages of wood plastic composite flooring, while the ordinary wood can not do.


3. Maintenance cost of WPC wood flooring is low: the performance of common solid wood needs to be protected by painting, and some protective paint is also applied in subsequent use, otherwise, it will affect the service life. The wood plastic composite decking floor does not need this process, and it can be used after processing. It does not need painting, and the waterproof performance is also very good. Maintenance costs are much lower than wood products.


4. Environmental protection products can also be reprocessed: wood plastic composite decking floor use eco-wood, environment protection wood, and is renewable, and does not contain toxic substances, and can be processed. The products can be sawn, planed, bonded, fixed with nails or screw, etc. The installation is very convenient.


5.Exterior color diversity: WPC outdoor flooring also has a natural texture of wood, and can also achieve personalized modeling, and has diverse product color, and will not produce cracks, warping, deformation during the, and also has no wood scar.