Gastroenterology Equipment

Wit original idea to bring more competitive options for global doctors, nurses, and patients in gastrointestinal tests and procedures, LeoMed is committed to develop and produce specific gastroenterology accessories. LeoMed gastroenterology products cover the full range of ERCP accessories, which include long-wire systems and short-wire systems; ESD/EMR accessories, etc.


LeoMed people adhere to pursuing innovations aimed at simplifying gastrology surgery procedures, facilitating the operation of doctors and nurses, and reducing the burden of patients. Thanks to strong and independent R&D ability, as well as tons of industry experience, LeoMed generate three core technique platform: Balloon catheter Tech, Metalic stent Tech, and Drug loaded Tech. Gastroenterology instruments are derived from above technique and obtained good sales globally since 2016.


What Are The Most Common Gastroenterology Diseases?

General diseases related to the digestive system include acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, etc.


The causes are biological, physical, chemical, etc., such as stimulation of various inflammatory factors, causing inflammation, taking certain drugs that damage the gastric mucosa, or worrying about mental stress, abnormal mood, etc., can cause digestion Systemic disease.


Gastroenterology Tests and Procedures

Gastroenterology Tests and Procedures include but not limit to: Colonoscopy, Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography(ERCP),Esophageal dilatation, Esophageal manometry, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy(EGD),Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Hemorrhoid banding, Liver biopsy, Small bowel capsule endoscopy, upper endoscopy, etc.