GB/T 923 Acorn Nuts

GB/T 923 acorn hex nut introduction:


GB/T 923 acorn hex nut is a nut with a cap, whose function is to prevent foreign impurities and moisture from invading the interior and cause corrosion and rust. At the same time, in places where some industrial machinery often comes into contact with the human body, the GB/T 923 acorn nuts and bolts are often selected as bolt capping to reduce the damage to the human body by the machinery.


The purpose of the acorn nuts bolts is the same as that of the hex nuts for sale. Its characteristic is that it is not easy to slip the main nut with a wrench during assembly and disassembly. dismantle. Mainly used for rough and simple parts.


GB/T 923 Acorn Hex Nut Specifications

 GB /T 923 Acorn Nuts and Bolts

GB /T 923 – 2009 Acorn Hex Nuts