GB/T 889.2 Lockable Nut

GB/T 889.2 Lockable Nut

GB/T 889.2 lockable nut has the following 3 advantages:


First, excellent anti-vibration performance: when the thread is tightened, the crest thread of the lockable nut and bolt tightly enters the 30° wedge-shaped slope of the nut and is clamped, and the normal force exerted on the wedge-shaped slope is the same as the bolt’s normal force. The axis forms an included angle of 60° instead of 30°. Therefore, the normal force generated when the anti-loose nut is tightened is much larger than that of the ordinary standard nut, and it has a great anti-loose and anti-vibration ability.


Second, the wear resistance and shear resistance are strong: the 30° slope of the nut thread bottom can make the lockable nut locking force evenly distributed on the threads of all the teeth. Nuts can better solve the problems of thread wear and shear deformation.


Third, the repeated use performance is good: a lot of use shows that the locking force of the locking nuts and bolts will not decrease after repeated tightening and dismantling, and the original locking effect can be maintained.


GB/T 889.2 Lockable Nut Specifications

 GB /T 889.2 Lockable Nut And Bolt

GB /T 889.2 – 2016 Prevailing Torque Type Hexagon Nuts(With Non-Metallic Insert), Style 1-Fine Pitch Thread