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Gevi BrewCombo Versatile Espresso Machine with Double Boiler

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Conical Burr Grinder for consistent particle size

Double Boiler. Brew and froth concurrently

58mm Professional Group Head & Portafilter

Steam Wand for micro-foam milk

Concise Control Panel, easy to use


Enjoy the Café Vibe at Home

The BrewCombo integrates a grinder, brewer, and frother into one set,

engineered to bring out full aroma and flavor from beans. The Double Boiler empowers you to pull

an espresso and texture milk to recreate the café vibe, at home, like a pro.



How does the BrewCombo work?

Once the cable is connected, add fresh water to the tank and coffee beans to the hopper. Press the Power button: the machine heating phase will begin. Once the heating phase is complete, the machine is ready for use. Simply press the corresponding button, and the machine will deliver an espresso.


Why can’t I adjust the grind setting?

Coffee beans or grinds might get stuck around the burr grinder. Use the cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner, if needed, to remove coffee beans or grinds.


Coffee leaked from one side of the portafilter. What should I do?

If the water temp is too high, please release the hot water after the milk frothing and let the machine cool down before brewing coffee; If there are too many coffee grinds, please reduce the coffee grinds in the portafilter and tamp to the MAX line, 13-15g for the Single cup filter and 18-20g for the Double cup filter.


Why is the steam not coming out?

The froth nozzle probably gets blocked. You can enter Descaling Cycle to deep clean the Steam Wand. In addition, please make sure there is enough water in the tank.


How should the machine be cleaned?

Clean the outer surfaces of the machine with a soft, moistened cloth after each use. The machine will also carry out a self-cleaning cycle with water after turning on.