JimaFor Casting

As of today, we have developed More than 100 grades of materials and 5,000 products are produced.


We specialize in the R & D and production of automobile engine block and various cast iron and cast aluminum parts, and provide one-stop services of design, mold, casting and machining.


It has four factories. After years of development, JimaFor has become a well-known domestic production base of engine cylinder block, cylinder head, bearing cover, oil pump body, gearbox housing and cast aluminum parts.


The main products are exported to Europe, North America and Japan etc.

And the products included vehicle oil&water pump housing & cover, engine bracket & housing, powertrain system components, safety components, medical equipment, new energy automobile pump and electronic equipment and other parts(can do simple assembly). In the all products, over 90% is vehicle parts.


Annual supply capacity: 20,000 tons.

We provide precision castings and forgings and machining for automobiles, trucks, rail transit, engineering machinery, mining machinery, ships, agricultural machinery, forklifts and other fields.