LED Screen Series

With the continuous progress and development of modern electronic technology, the LED display industry has brought us many products that are closely related to our lives, such as LED roof screens, LED full-color screens, LED light poles, etc. LED displays are mainly used in public transportation, square parks, buildings, landmark buildings, stations and airports. High brightness, long life and large viewing angle. Under the construction of smart city, there are diversified applications covering transportation, stage, advertising, monitoring and so on. The technology of LED display is also constantly improving, solving user problems more targeted and bringing people better products and experiences.


Types of LED Screen Series

MINI Fine Pitch LED Display Signage

Mini LED can achieve short distance viewing, the range of distance is 2-5m, no graininess when viewing.

Indoor LED Display Signage

The LED display is completely seamless, displays natural and true colors, allowing higher definition graphics and video to be displayed.


Outdoor LED Display Signage

It can provide more possibilities for outdoor large-scale events,with high waterproof level and simple installation and easy disassembly.


Indoor LED Poster Digital Signage

It can realize the combination of picture, text and video to make your creativity more vivid, realized ultra-thin, interactive and movable advertising screen.


Outdoor LED Poster Digital Signage

The pole screen has all the characteristics of digital media, and can timely and quickly disseminate relevant advertising information to the audience at a specific time and place.


Car Top Display

The car roof screen promotes advertisements with stronger fluidity, attracts the automatic attention of viewers with an intuitive, vivid and vivid advertising method, and has a larger scale.


Led Screen is Composed of Many Display Unit Modules  That Can Be Combined and Spliced, Plus a Set of Appropriate Controllers .

What is LED Screens?

Led Screen is Composed of Many Display Unit Modules That Can Be Combined and Spliced, Plus a Set of Appropriate Controllers .

The display system consists of three parts, namely: signal source, control system and display screen.Control system operates signal access, transformation, processing, transmission, imaging control. Display will show the content of the signal source.


Therefore, various specifications of modules will consist of different LED display screens to meet the needs of different environments and different display requirements.


Why Are Led Screens Becoming Popular?


LED Screens

The LED screens has a wide range of application scenarios to attract the active attention of viewers in the form of intuitive, vivid and vivid advertisements.  The LED screens have the characteristics of energy-saving and environmentally friendly,easy maintenance and long life.