• $100000


As the combination product of Self Propelled Trailer and modular trailer, SPMT is equipped with a power system and changes each suspension to independent suspension on the basis of the structure of modular trailer. SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) standardizes and modularizes the structure shape, and continuously splices the axle according to the quality of cargo. Spmts integrate computer and micro-electric technology, hydraulic technology, and wireless communication technology to realize wireless intelligent operation. Because of its compact structure and standardized module assembly, it can be mechanically spliced and flexibly spliced. In theory, SPMT can be spliced to a bearing capacity of 10 million tons.


In practical application, the largest capacity of SPMT model case has exceeded 10000 tons. With the continuous promotion of the idea of self propelled modular transporter manufacturers of exchanging space for time for mega equipment, mega equipment is assembled and welded in the factory, which not only ensures the project quality, but also enables multiple parts to work at the same time, saving time, and the SPMT is the transportation basis of this assembly mode, such as SPMT transport for chemical plants. Therefore, the equipment has a good application prospect in the overall handling of super mega components such as offshore platforms, substations, shipbuilding, mega engineering buildings, and so on. Because SPMT transports super-large objects, its speed design is generally very slow, and the basic SPMT speed is controlled within 5km/h.