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GYM/Yoga Studio Cork Flooring

People’s living standard is constantly getting better, and yoga studios and gyms have become popular leisure and entertainment places. When you choose cork flooring for yoga studio, you may consider the floor’s shock absorption, water resistance, and sound insulation effects. Numerous yoga studios and fitness centers have installed cork gym and yoga room flooring. Many yoga and fitness studios are discovering the practicality and comfort of cork flooring.


Why Choose Cork Flooring for Yoga Studio and Home Gym?

Yoga or gym owners need quality flooring with the characteristics of excellent durability, minimal maintenance, wear-resistance, especially when used with fitness equipment, proper traction, shock absorption, easy installation as well as low cost.


Cork flooring for gym and yoga studio must be the best choice then. While yoga studios cork provides a base that looks similar to a wood floor, it can bend and helps absorb shock. Athletes may even feel reduced joint pain after working out on a gym cork flooring compared to how they feel after working out on a wooden gym floor. In addition, the natural composition of cork flooring for yoga studio gives it excellent shock absorption properties, making the cork flooring popular for home gym and other workout spaces.


Cork flooring is a very good choice because the gym will inevitably have loud noises and sweat will fall on the ground. Cork flooring for yoga studio can reduce vibration, absorb sound, and be waterproof and insect-proof.


One of the greatest benefits of this yoga room flooring is that it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource. Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork trees harvested from the cork oak tree. Cork oaks grow a thick layer of cork bark. Because only the bark of the cork tree is harvested, the tree itself can continue to regenerate. After about ten years, the tree can harvest the bark again and then repeat the process. The tree is not killed, making cork gym flooring a highly environmentally friendly option.


In addition, some studios target high-end customer groups, and cork flooring can well show the identity of customers.


Cork VS Rubber Gym Flooring

Gym cork flooring is primarily known for its eco-friendly flooring. Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is a naturally soft and warm material. Cork gym floooring has the following characteristics. It is able to absorb sound and is relatively durable. The softness of the material is ideal for absorbing impact, and the suberin in cork makes it naturally hydrophobic, so sweat won’t be a problem. However, the choice of cork gym flooring is not recommended for those who lift heavy weights, as dragging a barbell on a cork floor can damage it.


Rubber flooring is more expensive compared to cork gym flooring, but is also one of the options, suitable for home gyms or any gym. Rubber doesn’t absorb moisture and it’s easy to clean. It’s important not to worry about rubber odor since virgin rubber is odorless. Many rubber options have puzzle pads like foam mats, but these are more durable, despite their relatively higher price.


How to Choose Gym and Yoga Studios Cork Flooring?

Cork gym flooring is a super popular choice for hot yoga studios and other gyms because of its impact resistance, comfort to joints, sound absorption, moisture resistance and antibacterial properties. Well, how to choose gym and yoga studios cork flooring? First of all, determine your context. Whether your yoga stadios or gym offer single type of yoga or multiple types of that. If you plan to offer multiple types of yoga classes, choose the most versatile and resilient floor recommended for hot yoga. These options will also perform well with any other style of yoga class. Then, identify your top priorities, including budget, yoga stadio area, subfloor, installation, functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, maintenance, and longevity, etc.