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Bedroom Cork Flooring and Wall Boards

The bedroom is a place for people to relax and rest, so comfort is very important. In the process of decoration, the material of cork flooring for bedrooms also needs to be carefully selected. It is very comfortable to spread a cork floor in the bedroom. The bedroom cork flooring is soft, has excellent foot feeling, and relieves fatigue, which can greatly reduce the pressure on your back, legs, and ankles caused by standing for a long time. Meanwhile, cork flooring for bedrooms is also very friendly to the elderly or children.


Bedroom Cork Floor


The decoration design generally considers the coordination of the overall design, the vividness and contrast of the colors, and the color selection of the main furniture. In addition, as natural cork flooring company,  there are many choices in color. Dark cork floors are more distinctive and individual, and light cork floors are simple in style but also fresh and elegant. Recently, especially in the past few years, some floors with patterns of rot, bug eyes, tree knots, cracks have been very popular, which also shows that people have begun to attach importance to nature.


Yamanjia, a natural cork flooring company, provides different types of cork flooring. If you are interested in our products and want to buy bedroom cork flooring, please contact us.


What is the best way to use the bedroom floor? What are the considerations for purchasing bedroom floors?

Bedroom decoration is a more important part of house decoration. The quality of its decoration is directly related to whether the resting environment is satisfactory, thus affecting the quality of people’s sleep. Therefore, bedroom decoration should not only be beautiful, but also practical. As far as the floor decoration of the bedroom is concerned, what kind of floor is good for the bedroom?


1. It is necessary to be alert to the pollution of auxiliary materials when choosing the floor for the decoration of the bedroom.


Research shows that people spend half of their time in the bedroom, and the safety of the bedroom environment directly affects human health.


2. The floor used for the decoration of the bedroom should be appropriate according to the location.


For a bedroom with a small space or poor lighting conditions, choosing a light-colored floor can make the space look larger and the visual look brighter.


3. It is better to choose the right floor for you.


Only by choosing the one that suits you will you show your best side. If you like a solid and safe home, the flooring that can meet this requirement is of course cork flooring in various names.


4. The floor of the bedroom should have the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer.


Now most people like to install cork flooring in bedrooms, because cork flooring itself can balance moisture and absorb water itself, reducing indoor humidity and making people feel comfortable, especially for the elderly or those who are afraid of cold, feet on cork flooring , will have a warm feeling.


The bedroom is a relatively private space, and it is the main place for people to rest and sleep. When decorating the floor, more attention should be paid to the overall beauty and the requirements of the occupants, and attention should be paid to the environmental protection and health of materials. Good decoration effect.


Is Cork Flooring Good For Bedrooms?

The bedroom floor is a particularly intimate surface. It’s the first thing on your bare foot in the morning and the last thing you touch before you climb to bed every night. The influence of cork flooring bedroom on people is both physical and psychological, which makes your choice of materials within decorative cork wall tiles a particularly important design decision. When installing the bedroom cork flooring and stepping on it, your feet feel softer than hardwood. If new buyers want to lay carpets, cork flooring in bedroom can be easily removed.


Best Cork Flooring For Bedrooms

Cork flooring is called “consumption on the pyramid tip of floor”. Compared with the solid wood floor, it is more environment  friendly, sound insulation, moisture-proof effect will be better, and bring people an excellent foot feeling. Cork floor can be divided into cork tiles and floating cork flooring. Cork floor is soft, quiet, comfortable and wear-resistant. It can provide great buffer for the elderly and children’s accidental fall. Its unique sound insulation effect and insulation performance are also very suitable for bedrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, recording studios and other places.Our company’s main FK03 cork flooring is widely used in bedroom paving.


The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant situation of FK03 cork flooring.Cork flooring is made from the bark of natural and renewable cork oak without destroying forest resources. Cork is not actually wood, but the outer bark of the cork oak (commonly known as cork). If the bark of cork oak is plucked on a regular basis, it will not only die, but will also grow new bark, which is recyclable like shearing wool.


Physical And Chemical Properties 0f Cork Oak Bark (Cork)

The interior of the cork oak bark is different from the ordinary fibrous structure bark. It is very unique. It is a pure natural polymer material. It is composed of a honeycomb structure composed of cork parenchyma cells, and the cells are filled with air.


Cork Oak Bark


2. The chemical properties of cork are very stable, mainly composed of cork esters, lignin, cellulose, tannins, waxes, and compounds. Polar substances such as weak bases have no chemical reaction.


Chemical Properties Of Cork


3. The main physical properties are light, low density, compressible, elastic, airtight, watertight, buoyant, stretchable, flexible and compressive, impermeable, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, sound insulation, strong insulation, friction resistance, not easy A series of excellent physical properties such as flammability and no allergic reaction.


Wall Tiles Physical Properties


4. The processing and utilization of cork oak bark is widely used, from traditional cork stoppers, marine buoys, life jackets, life buoys, waterproof linoleum, shock pads, and thermal insulation pipes, to advanced cork floors and cork wall panels. Has a wide range of applications.


Cork Ork Bark Processing And Utilization


The product has passed the CE certification and the inspection of the national wood and bamboo products supervision and testing center, the formaldehyde emission is ≤ 0.3ml/l, and it has reached the top international environmental protection standard of Japan F☆☆☆☆. After decoration, it is non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. It can be moved in immediately. It is a real green environmental protection product.


Production Is Environmentally Friendly

The production process does not use formaldehyde-containing glues and paints, which can control formaldehyde to a minimum;


The whole process of environmental protection “does not produce three wastes”: the entire production process does not use water, does not burn coal, and does not produce waste water or waste gas;


Solid waste can be centrally recycled and reused!