High IP Converter

The solid state frequency converter adopts a relatively sealed structure, and the protection level can reach IP55. This solid state frequency converter is a high frequency to low frequency converter.


The frequency converter application is very extensive. This solid state frequency converter is suitable for dust environments, high-temperature environments, low-temperature environments, corrosive environments,s and other dangerous environments such as combustible gas and explosion.

Parameters of the High Frequency to Low Frequency Converter

Voltage Range


Power Range



What is a Static Frequency Converter

Static frequency converter is divided into AC-AC frequency converter and AC-DC-AC frequency converter in structure. It is divided into voltage source frequency converter and current source frequency converter from the nature of power supply.


Static Frequency Converter Working Principle

Static frequency converter is a kind of power electronic power supply device which can provide simultaneous change of frequency and voltage. It can be divided into two categories: indirect frequency converter and direct frequency converter. Indirect frequency converter first rectifies the power frequency AC power supply into DC with controllable voltage, and then converts it into variable frequency AC through inverter, which is also called AC-DC-AC frequency converter. Direct frequency converter converts power frequency AC into variable frequency AC at one time, so it can be called AC-AC frequency converter. Indirect frequency converter is widely used.


Features of the Power Frequency Converter

The power frequency converter has high-protection container structure;

Solid state frequency converter has multiple output converter;

Built-in lightning protection and surge protection;

Solid state frequency converter is small in size and high in power density;

High heat dissipation efficiency, low temperature and low noise of solid state frequency converter;

The freezing environment can be cooled by refrigerant;

Modular design is adopted inside the solid state frequency converter, which is good for mounting abd convenient for maintenance.


Static Frequency Converter Applications

Solid state frequency converter on fracturing equipment used to extract oil and shale gas. Fracturing truck should be used for various fracturing operations of oil, gas and water wells, and can also be used for hydraulic sandblasting, high-pressure hydraulic coal mining in coal mines, high-pressure hydraulic derusting in ships and other operations. Static stop frequency converter can be used to drive fracturing pump.