Application Of VFD In Municipal

When it comes to apply VFDs in municipal area, applications in commercial buildings, wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) must be on the list.


In the process of rapid social development, modernization and industrialization, the problem of urban water pollution has become more and more serious. In recent years, increasingly more wastewater treatment equipment has been newly built and operated around the world.




At present, urban wastewater is characterized by continuous water flow, but the flow rate varies greatly, and there are problems of power consumption and loss during operation. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the water treatment volume and tail water discharge up to the standard, the application of the Hiconics medium voltage drive has a significant effect in energy saving, loss reduction, and operating cost reduction.


Hiconics has empowered the transformation of electrical plants


VFD for fan and water pumps application is most obvious to save the energy. In fact, in order to ensure the reliability of production activities, all kinds of production machinery will reserve a certain amount of surplus when considering the use of power drives at the beginning of the design. In addition, in the actual operation of sewage treatment, the sewage flow often has features of uncertainty, non-linearity and hysteresis, etc. At present, with Hiconics’s VFDs, the use of soft start or direct start protection control on the one hand causes serious waste of energy, on the other hand, frequent starting of the pump shortens the service life of the equipment, and the maintenance and repair costs are high. The above-mentioned problems can be effectively solved if the motor is driven by an AC speed regulator. Not only can save energy and reduce pollution, but also bring good economic and social benefits