Application Of VFD In Electricity

Nowadays, about 45% of the world’s electrical energy is consumed by electric motor driven systems. Hiconics’s medium voltage inverters are widely used in combustion systems, steam and water system, and grid systems of power industry.


In 2020, our company was responsible for the implement of increasing the capacity and frequency conversion transformation of the electric feedwater pumps of Daban Power Plant which is the main power plant under the State Power Investment Group of China, with an installed capacity of 2*600MW, of which the feedwater pump configuration is 3*35%.





There were two problems that have plagued the power plant for a long time. One is the safety of the feedwater pump operation, 400MW Three feedwater pumps must be operated for more than power generation. There are no backup pumps, and lack of operation safety in several groups. The other is the high-power consumption of electric feed water pumps.    Hiconics has changed the VFD, water pumps, electrical machinery, and gear cases into more reliable ones. All of them were successfully commissioned and put into production at one time, laying a solid foundation for the company’s leading position in the field of electric feed water pump transformation.


Writing the future of energy saving, sustainable and intelligent in electricity power.


Not only in this case, but also in many other projects Hiconics has realized its frequency conversion revolution.


Main loads


The common loads’ types are fans and pumps. Hiconics´s Medium Voltage Drive solution can realize soft start, and frequency conversion adjustment can effectively enhance the service life of the equipment, save energy and reduce consumption. This saves the energy and eliminates its cost and maintenance. Hiconics’s VFD will bring the following improvements to the equipment:


For Fans

such as blowers, induced draft fans, primary fans, etc. Originally, the air damper was used to save the air volume which lower the efficiency. System stability is poor. Hiconics´s medium-voltage inverter is adjusted by frequency conversion to improve the response speed and control accuracy; realize the soft start of the motor without current impact, reduce the wear of the impeller and the bearing, extend the service life of the equipment, and save energy.


For Pumps

Realize soft start/soft stop, effectively reduce current impact, can adjust motor speed according to needs, greatly reduce bearing stress load and bearing wear, greatly extend maintenance cycle and service life.