Coal Mines & Minerals

Application Of VFD In Coal Mines & Minerals

In mine production, the essential equipment, mine hoister and crane, which is treated as the “throat” of the mine is responsible for putting down and up of ore, barren rocks, equipment, materials and even labors that have different weight. Applications like compressors, conveyor belts, and underground ventilators don’t always need to operate at the same level. Therefore, the traditional speed regulation method has lots of shortages.




Hiconics VFDs empower the transformation in mining area.


A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can be used to ramp down or speed up the frequency and voltage to meet the machinery’s task-by-task requirements.


Hiconics’s VFDs will reduce energy consumption and costs during the coal mining process, as our VFDs could realize the multi-level linkage to adjust power balance, improve control technology and enhance mine automation control level. The machinery no longer has to constantly run at full speed.


When the equipment is always running at its most efficient level, fewer operational mistakes will be caused, at the same time its service life will be extended and the need for product maintenance will be reduced.


This comes with the benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Medium Voltage Variable Frequency drives also improve safety and comfort in the working environment, through giving miners more comprehensive control over their equipment.


More customized options:


Hiconics offers a wide range of medium voltage drive packages able to support even the toughest variable speed applications. Mine operators can also order customized drives for any unique requirements the standard Hiconics’s range doesn’t cater for.