High Voltage Inverter

MICNO high voltage inverter adopts the most mainstream power unit series technology, with DSP+ARM+FPGA three-core processor as the control core. The high voltage frequency converter integrate the most advanced motor vector control algorithm, high control precision, fast response, low frequency, high torque. Our high frequency power inverter can be applied to energy-saving speed regulation and process improvement of high-voltage asynchronous motors and synchronous motors.


What Is a High Voltage Frequency Converter?

The high-voltage inverter converts direct current (DC) from the batteries or generator to alternating current (AC) to power the drive motors.


High Frequency Power Inverter Main Circuit

The high frequency power inverter includes two parts, main circuit and control circuit. The main circuit includes an inverter DC power supply, high frequency high voltage transformers, IGBT bridge inverter, protection circuits, high frequency high voltage silicon stack (Rectifier) , etc. The control circuit includes a current, voltage sampling and processing unit, driver circuit, PWM signal generation, micro-controller, keyboard and LCD parameter input, part of the communications interface.


This high frequency power inverter let the whole system has a complete user interface and intelligent characteristics such as self-diagnosis.