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HVAC Air Filter Material

Air filters in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems not only protects operation normal of the whole system, but also removing airborne particles and pollutants from the airstream. The air filter is playing more crucial roles in HVAC systems in recent years since awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) has increased.


Commercial HVAC Filter Material

Pocket filter media of HVAC system are mostly made of micro fiberglass or synthetic meltblown fibers. Filtration efficiency of meltblown mostly relies on electrostatic charge adsorption effect while micro fiberglass media is pure mechanical filtration. To choose what kind of filter materials and filtration class needs to be considered depends on specific requirements from commercial design.


Residential HVAC Filter Material

Mingguan provides synthetic meltblown and nanofiber pocket filter media which covers both electrostatic and pure mechanical filtration for HVAC applications. The product portfolio covers filtration classes range from ISO coarse 65% to ePM1 85% (ISO 16890) or EN799:2012 M5-F9 and MERV7 – MERV 15 (ASHRAE 52.2).