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Industrial Air Filter Media

Air filtration systems in industrial environments is essential to industrial manufacturers including woodworking, cement manufacturing plants, power generations, steelworks, transportation, and more. The system is controlling air quality environmental which impact to the health and safety of plant workers and the proper functioning of equipment and machinery. It is also the key to meet the most stringent emissions criteria and air pollution control regulations for your air quality needs.


Mingguan Filter Media In Gas Turbine/Dust Collector

Filter bags and pleated filter cartridges are commonly used in those most challenging industrial environments, whereas proper choice of filter media is vital to meet specific requirements in different conditions. In last decades, plenty of different materials filter media was developed to meet varied requirements. Except filtration efficiency and pressure drop/air permeability, other issues, such as heat stability, chemical resistance, material stiffness, cleanability, dust holding capacity and other performances must be considered to find the ideal solution of reliable, durable and cost effective to the system.


Mingguan Filter Media In Heavy Equipment

Mingguan provides premium quality and wide range of synthetic filter fabrics with precise filtration efficiency, low pressure drop and excellent cleanability or dust holding capacity for industrial air filtration system. Our product portfolio covers PTFE lamination media and nanofiber media for pleated filter cartridges.