Willingjet has more than 20 years of experience providing life sciences translation service with an uncompromising commitment to quality.  


Willingjet is a professional language service provider for global life sciences companies, including pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, nutritions, and healthy food documentation solutions.  Willingjet is supported by a valuable network of medical and regulatory translation, localization, and globalization experts delivering quality-centric solutions to global brand leaders in the life sciences sector. Our team prides itself on its understanding of the demanding pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic industry, while also providing our clients with highly personalized services. By utilizing our resources to implement the tools, services, personnel, and technologies required we can ensure our clients meet their business objectives.    


We provide manufacturing translation and localization services in various fields of the manufacturing industry, helping global manufacturing companies accelerate international business growth. Our translation services cover various manufacturing sectors, including heavy equipment and machinery, automotive, consumer goods and electronics, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, chemical products, industrial automation, and more.


Intellectual Property Translations

Through years of experience working with numerous intellectual property agencies and law firms, we developed a fluid system geared to manage intellectual property portfolios of leading organizations. From patent translations to trademark filing, we help global businesses to protect their competitive advantage worldwide.


We offer flexible localization and comprehensive language services in over 100 languages worldwide, helping high-tech companies to overcome cross-border and cultural barriers and complete their globalization process. Our team of localization experts is dedicated to providing professional language and content solutions efficiently for corporate software and hardware, IT services, and promotional materials, and presenting them to global users in the best possible way.


Our language experts have a professional background in media translation and extensive translation experience. They have an in-depth understanding of the special backgrounds of the film and television industry, broadcasting industry, entertainment industry, digital gaming industry, and animation publishing industry. They fully understand audience culture and can accurately translate various documents and videos, helping you communicate easily with global users.


The translation content includes news releases, video game localization, movie and show script localization, digital content, website localization, and more.