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Industrial Doors: Purpose and Classification

Industrial doors are common facilities for enterprises, suitable for large warehouses, logistics industries, medicine, food, factories and mining enterprises, etc., which require relatively high opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. Especially they are convenient and quick opening  for  the place where the door opening is large and inconvenient to install the ground door body.


Industrial doors are divided into industrial sliding doors, industrial rolling doors, industrial sliding doors, manual/electric sliding doors, fast-rolling doors, and other types. Industrial rolling doors are made within 65-70 square meters, and their wind resistance is up to class 10. Industrial sliding doors are divided into three types: vertical lift, standard lift, and high lift. The electric sliding doors, on the other hand, are divided into two types: horizontal pairs of switches from the middle to the sides or one-way switches. The choice of the industrial door opening method will depend on the analysis of the specific conditions and development requirements of your workplace, and each industrial door design has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Larger doors include hangar stacking doors and folding doors, etc.



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