Pacorr Testing Instruments

Pacorr Testing Instruments Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision testing equipment, renowned for delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet the rigorous standards of quality control and assurance. Specializing in a wide range of industries, including packaging, plastics, textiles, rubber, and metal, Pacorr is dedicated to enhancing product quality and safety. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our expert team leverages cutting-edge technology to provide accurate, efficient, and user-friendly testing instruments. Trust Pacorr to empower your business with superior testing capabilities and ensure your products stand out in the global market.

Our Comprehensive Product Range Includes:

Each instrument we offer is a testament to our dedication to quality, designed to provide precise, efficient, and user-friendly operation. Whether it’s assessing the strength, durability, or color fidelity of materials, Pacorr empowers businesses to ensure their products exceed both industry standards and customer expectations. Choose Pacorr for unparalleled testing capabilities that advance your product’s quality and integrity in the competitive global marketplace.


Salt Spray Chamber | Box Compression Tester | Melt Flow Index Tester | Bursting Strength Tester | Tensile Testing Machine