Interior View Lens

Interior View Lens


24×7 Guarding ensures drive safety every time;


Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive in-cabin lens field and the first batch of interior view lens was in mass production in 2014. Sunny Automotive provides a comprehensive selection for interior lens solutions to perfectly match the demands of in-cabin application such as gesture recognition, DMS(driver monitoring system) and OMS(occupant monitoring system).


Five Features of Interior DMC and OMC Lens Make a Better Experience

Highly capture and restore scene information day and night.


Perfectly create no-trace monitoring experience with very short TTL(Total Track Length).


Adapt to different DMS(driver monitoring system) image sensors and ensure the best image quality.


Provide various angle options to meet different installation position requirements to effectively monitor the driver and prevent accidents caused by fatigue or distraction.


Provide lens solution with ultra wide field of view angle to monitoring the whole environment in the car such as monitoring the dangerous actions of people in the car and preventing children from being locked in the car.