AKASO Brave 8 Action Camera



Brave 8 Standalone


Standalone includes 1x Brave 8

Motorcycle Kit

Bike Kit

Advanced Kit

Super Kit



Do the Brave 7 accessories work on Brave 8?

Yes. But you need to use either a complete set of Brave 7 accessories or a complete set of Brave 8 accessories. You can’t mix Brave 7 and Brave 8 accessories because of the different bolt connections.


How long can Brave 8 record videos?

Each battery can record 90 minutes or longer with 4K.


Does Brave 8 have an upside-down function/auto rotate?

Yes. Brave 8 has a G-sensor. After enablement, it will rotate and pull down automatically. Go to preferences→gyroscope.


What’s the maximum micro-SD card size compatible with this camera?

The maximum storage is 512GB. It requires a U3 micro-SD card or higher, otherwise, the low card speed will affect normal use.


Does the Brave 8 come with a waterproof case?

A waterproof case is not included and is sold separately.


Is this action camera screen touchable?

The rear screen is a 2-inch touchable color screen and the front screen is 1.22-inch color screen.


The camera gets very hot.

Getting hot is normal. The heat mainly comes from lens cover and grid. Please do not touch these two places. Also, you can use Brave 8 with a selfie stick (sold separately) to avoiding touching it.


The wind noise is too loud when recording.

Brave 8 has an upgraded voice system with stereo and human voice enhanced. It is recommended to enable human voice enhanced when recording a vlog. Swipe up→video setting→HM (human voice mode). Also, you can purchase an AKASO B8 sponge wind cover (launch date is pending) to use as a set.


Can Brave 8 be submerged in salt water? Can it be used for underwater photography in the ocean?

Yes. Brave 8 is waterproof to 33ft without the case and to 196ft with the case.