Camera Lens

To make a perfect whole camera, Lens is one of the most important materials except for the sensor, PCB, connector. A good lens can make the photos taken by the camera look better.


There are many types of lenses on the market, if classified by function, there are Lens for automotive cameras, Lens for mobile phone or tablets cameras, Lens for IOT cameras, Lens for monitors and so on, if classified by size, there are M4 Lens, M6 Lens, M8 Lens, M12 Lens, M20 Lens, M30 Lens, M40 Lens and M50 Lens, there are also C mount or CS mount Lens for industrial cameras.


Camera Lens FAQs

What are the key considerations when using Lens?

Customer should provide detailed information about what kind of Lens they need, like FOV, focus length, FN, weight, size and so on, or customer should tell us what kind of application is the customer doing, and we can recommend suitable lenses based on the customer’s application.


Can Lens be used in non-mobile applications?

Sure, wherever there is a camera, there is a lens, so lens could be used in automotive cameras, monitors, endoscopes, UVAs, Robots, sweeping robot.


Can I customize a Lens to suit my specific requirements?

Yes, we can do customization for all kinds of lens, such as: automotive lens, UVA Lens, Optical zoom lens, AF lens and so on.


What kind of support and documentation does CK Vision provide?

We will provide datasheet of the lens, we also provide other accessories for lens: like IRcut, IR filter and so on.


What are the Advantages of Using camera module lens?

Choose a better Lens makes your camera take better pictures, appropriate lenses make our products more in line with customer needs, FOV should not be too big as it may cause distortion to the camera, FN should not be too large if you need to use in a low light environment. TTL can not be too long if customer have a size limitation, focus length should be long enough if customer want to see distant targets.