WLP+ASIC Uncooled Thermal Modules


COIN series uncooled thermal module integrates the wafer-level package detector produced by GST, ASIC chip for imaging processing, micro-motion electromagnetic threshold shutter and general optical interface. It is beneficial to OEM customers for secondary development and suitable for the development and integration of thermal imager in various applications.


400x300IR resolution


17μm Pixel Pitch


<3s Start-up Time


<40mK NETD

COIN417 integrates 400×300@17μm wafer level package (WLP) infrared imaging detector, high performance signal processing circuit and image processing algorithm.


The COIN417 infrared module features in sharp and crisp thermal image presentation, compact size and low cost. It also has an optional thermographic function with measurement range from -20℃~550 ℃ for industrial temperature measurement.


Until now, we have provided our customers with various mature and stable infrared thermal imaging solutions. It’s easier for COIN series thermal imaging common module to be integrated into more terminal products and greatly reduces the cost for customers.


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