LED Intelligent Taxi Top Display

Led Taxi Top Advertising Display is mainly installed on the taxi, private cars, or buses, working as a terminal display. Small space occupation, good practical performance, group control, program release, accurate media information, fast update, improved advertising efficiency, data analysis, and summary, providing all operation modes, easy, convenient, safe, and effective.


Benefits of Digital Car Top Advertising Display


Compared to traditional IDC, saving 80% of the cost of investment compared to other service providers, will save 60% of the cost of investment.


High stability

Independent R&D, high reliability of large amounts of data to ensure multiple backups, second-level recovery, automatic expansion on demand, flexible, convenient and stable applications.


Security and reliability

The world’s largest network attack defense experience, effectively helping customers to reduce security risks, for your operation on the escort.


Specialties of Keytechled Taxi Top Advertising Display

Empty and load brake indication function. Different colors of marked LED lumination show the current status of the taxi, including empty, carrying passengers, handing over, stopping and etc., which is convenient for passengers to choose from.


The intelligent roof light is designed according to the Ministry of Transport’s JT/T 905.1.2-2014 technical standard. Its relevant parameters and interfaces all comply with the provisions of the technical standard specification.


All products have passed the testing and certification of the provincial electronic quality testing center. Thus, products’ safety and quality are guaranteed.