Linsheng Analysis: Fire Emergency Light Failure And Maintenance


       1, battery charging failure

  Since the battery is often in a shallow charge and shallow state, resulting in insufficient battery capacity or failure, the battery must be replaced. When the charging circuit Q2 charges the battery, the current is large and easily damaged.

  2. No main power supply When there is AC power, the main supply indicator D14 is not bright. The most common fault is that the transformer is burnt due to heat generated by 220V AC for a long time. The external voltage is unstable and the transformer is easily damaged. Secondly, the power supply regulating tube Q1 is also easy to damage under the condition of large current, resulting in no main power supply.

  3, the light is always bright

  Q5, Q3, Q4 breakdown will cause the light to be on.

  The circuit is composed of a battery charging circuit, a lamp control circuit, a power supply circuit, and a fault indication circuit. The lighting bulb is L1, L2 (2.5 W/3.6V spiral bulb), the battery is 3.6V/1800mAh nickel-iridium rechargeable battery, which can provide power of Zx2.5W during power failure, lighting time is not less than 100min o in the circuit There are three touch self-recovery buttons: G (OFF off), K (ON on), and S (TEST) tests. Three different color status indicators, D12 (H red) indicates charging, D13 (W orange) indicates circuit failure, and D14 (L green) indicates external power supply. In the case of external power supply, the main supply indicator D14 is on, and D12 is on when the battery is charged.

  Fire emergency lights are widely installed in corridors and fire exits of public places, and are special equipment for fire protection. Many fire emergency luminaries on the market are produced by the fire department of the fire department, with a wide variety of functions, but the functions are basically diminished. When the utility power fails, the fire emergency light automatically lights up and automatically turns off when the call comes in. The fire emergency light is used as a kind of backup lighting equipment. The battery is equipped with a battery that provides power when the power is turned off, and the battery is charged when the utility power is supplied. Due to the long-term operation in parallel with the 220V AC power supply, it is easy to malfunction. Most of them do not provide schematics because they are proprietary products.    Linsheng   stressed: the installation of emergency lights, function debugging, testing and maintenance must be done well, indispensable, in order to ensure a good working condition of the emergency lights.