Linsheng : What Are The Problems With Fire Emergency Lighting?


At present, fire emergency luminaires often have the following five problems in terms of efficacy and layout.    linsheng    elaborated

A. The fire emergency luminaire should be set at the relevant part;

B. The location of the fire emergency lighting fixtures set is too low, the quantity is insufficient, and the illumination does not meet the specification requirements;

C. It is a fire emergency sign luminaire installed at the evacuation walkway. It is not installed on the wall below 1 meter. The installation position is too high, and the spacing is too large. It exceeds the 20-meter spacing required by the specification, especially in the bag-shaped walkway. And the corner area of ​​the walkway, the number of lamps is insufficient, and the spacing is too large;

D. The fire emergency sign indicates the wrong direction and cannot correctly point to the evacuation direction;

E. It is the ground lighting or the light-storing evacuation indicator should be set, or although it is set, it cannot guarantee the continuity of vision.

In order to avoid the above problems, the fire supervision agency must increase the supervision and inspection of the construction site, find problems in time, and stop the illegal construction behavior. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly check the acceptance and ensure that the efficacy of the fire emergency light is up to standard and arranged.