Linsheng Analyzes Why The Air Compressor Head Is Stuck


linsheng     explained that the head of the air compressor air compressor usually occurs during operation. When the head of the air compressor is stuck, the motor and the head must be closed first, and the head should be turned separately to confirm whether it is stuck (normal hand can be rotated). This fault is a serious fault. It is recommended that users do not disassemble. Contact the technical center to confirm the repair. Program. The reasons for getting stuck are as follows:

  1, the exhaust port gap is poor. The user generally uses two heavy-duty working days, and the stuck condition occurs. It is easy to determine the failure to disassemble by measuring the gap value.

  2, oil quality problems. Because the oil is not timely, the quality is poor, mixed with oil or oil and other reasons lead to poor cooling of the head, the carbon coke rotor and the chassis are sintered together, occurring at the exhaust end of the rotor and the hole or chassis portion of the housing or rotor shaft.

  3. The head of the intake gap is stuck poorly. It can be seen whether the intake end has a sintering phenomenon with the naked eye air inlet, whether the wear of the locating bearing at the exhaust end is excessively large, and whether the intake side clearance caused by the axial displacement of the intake end is excessively large, which is generally common in self-repairing nose, positioning The nut tightening torque is not suitable.

  4, reversed stuck. When reversing, the thrust generated by the compressed air pushes the rotor toward the exhaust end, causing the metal to contact and sinter and jam. Therefore, generally only when the fault is protected, or the motor wiring is replaced, the replacement switch occurs.

  5, foreign matter is stuck. Foreign matter is drawn in from the air inlet, causing it to get stuck.

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