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MTP/MPO Cabels

MPO/MTP cables are designed to avoid crowding and unmanageable data centers, consist of connectors and ready-to-connect fibers, and are more flexible and smaller than traditional backbone cables


Types of MTP/MPO Cables


24core 3.0mm MPO-MTP Trunk Cable

24core 3.0mm MPO-MTP trunk cable is generally use in the data center application with high density environment or the optical fiber to the building.


MTP® vs MPO Cable: What Are the Differences?


Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) is one of the MT series connectors. MPO has two different definitions: the international standard is “IEC-61754-7”, and the United States standard is “TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5)”.


MTP is the MPO fiber connector brand registered by conec in the United States, which refers to the MPO fiber connector produced by CONEC.


The MTP optical fiber connector conforms to the international standard “IEC-61754-7” and the United States “TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5)”.


MTP is the first mover in multi-core fiber optic connectors and has the first market share. Especially in the United States, MTP is mainly used.


The MTP fiber optic connector is clearly different in design from the MPO on the market. It can even be said that the MTP fiber connector is a high-performance MPO fiber connector.