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MTP/MPO Adapters

MTP/MPO Adapters can accurately connect two connectors and reduce connection loss, mainly used for fiber optic cable to fiber optic cable or fiber optic cable to equipment connection


Types of MTP/MPO Adapters


OM3 MPO-MTP Fiber Optical Adapter

OM3 MPO-MTP Fiber Optical Adapter is used for optical fiber distribution frame for various types of optical fiber area network, optical fiber communication system.


Mpo Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex

The MPO Fiber Optic Adapter’s purpose is to connect an MPO Patchcord to another MPO patchcord. They are available in both single mode and multimode and usually have a plastic housing.


Benefits of MTP/MPO Adapters


One-piece design

High-precision size, wear-resistant

Ceramic sleeve

Excellent environmental stability

Card lock insertion

SC type MPO adapter can be compatible with SC panel

Equipped with anti-vibration spring sheet as standard, which is installed close to the panel