Rotary Seals For Mining Industry

Floating seals, also known as mechanical face seals or lifetime face seals, are essential components in various mining applications. Mining machinery floating seals provide effective sealing and protection for critical components in harsh and abrasive environments. Here’s how mechanical metal face seals are used in different mining applications:


Mining Trucks with Wet Braking Systems

Mining truck floating seals are used in the wheel hubs of mining trucks to protect the bearings and other components from contaminants like dust, water, and debris. Metal face seals for haul trucks ensure the longevity and reliability of wheel hub assemblies, which are essential for the safe operation of mining trucks.Floating seals designed for wet braking systems also plays a crucial role in preventing water ingress and maintaining brake efficiency.


Steering Drive Axle and Final Drives

Floating seals are used in steering drive axles and final drives to seal the connection between the axle and wheel hub. They prevent the entry of abrasive materials and water, extending the life of these critical components and reducing maintenance requirements.


Mining Scraper Chain Conveyor

Floating seals are employed in the conveyor’s chain wheel hubs to prevent abrasive materials and contaminants from damaging the bearings and seals. They ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the scraper chain conveyor, which is used to transport bulk materials in mining applications.


Underground Mining Trucks

In underground mining, where conditions are particularly challenging, floating seals are used in various components of mining trucks, such as wheel hubs and final drives. They help protect vital parts from abrasive particles, extending the service life of the equipment.


Coal Winning Machine

Floating seals are used in coal winning machines, such as continuous miners or longwall shearers, to seal critical components like cutting heads and gearboxes. These seals prevent coal dust and debris from entering the machinery, reducing wear and tear and ensuring efficient coal extraction.


Boom-Type Road Header

Boom-type road headers are used in mining for tunnel excavation and underground development. Floating seals can be found in the drive systems of road headers, helping to seal gearboxes and protect them from abrasive materials present in the mining environment.


In all of these mining applications, floating seals are crucial for minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of mining equipment. They help extend the service life of critical components and contribute to the overall productivity of mining operations.