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Stem Cell Therapy For Anti-aging

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the most fundamental way of anti-aging is to repair cells, improve cell metabolism, and reactivate senescence cells. The stem cell is the only cell type that can achieve those effects. Therefore, stem cell therapy is the only way to truly realize the anti-aging effect.


The Beneficial Effects Of Stem Cell Therapy On Anti-aging

The technology is one of the oldest, born almost simultaneously with stem cell technology. It has become the main “side effect” of cell therapy: all patients receiving stem cell therapies, regardless of diagnosis and disease, note a pronounced anti-aging effect.


Stem cell therapy can achieve the following effects on anti-aging treatment:


Eliminate chronic fatigue and improve sleep quality


Improve bone and joint health


Facial rejuvenation, looks younger than actual age


Improve general body function, improve endurance, athletic ability, and muscle strength


Cosmetic benefits: improve skin elasticity and regeneration, reduce wrinkles, and improve hair quality


Improve reaction, memory, concentration, and thinking capacity


Prevent age-related diseases, regulate the functions of the cardiovascular system and endocrine system, etc.


Improve immunity and overall body health conditions


Restore normal function of internal organs


Improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and other measures


Regulate hormone levels, increase sexual desire and function


Indications For Participation In Our Anti-aging Programs


Memory loss


Lack of energy and easily fatigued


Decreased immunity, prone to catching colds or infections


Stressful conditions and anxiety


Decreased sexual desire


Depression, insomnia


Post-operative complications and diseases


Irregular menstruation


Dark yellow skin appearance, loose skin, increased wrinkles


Decreased athletic ability


Chronic diseases: migraine, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, etc.


Learn More About Aging


The basis cause of human aging is the aging and reduction of cells, and that is caused by the aging of the stem cells. Stem cells are the seed cells for the renewal of various tissue and cells. They are the cell production factories in the human body. The aging and apoptosis of the stem cells seriously dampen their ability of them to proliferate and differentiate. If the replenishment of new cells is not enough to replace the aging cells in time, the human body will begin to age. A series of aging symptoms will appear, such as skin loosing, increased wrinkles, easy fatigue, memory loss, reaction act reduction, and loss of sexual ability.

Therefore, supplementing the amount of exogenous adult stem cells and improving the self-renewal and differentiation ability of stem cells will help to improve the function of the body’s organs, remove senescent cells, repair damaged and aging tissues, improve the body’s immunity and slow down the aging of human tissues and organs, thus manifesting as rejuvenation.


People Who Are Suitable For Our Anti-aging Programs


People who require anti-aging, facial, and body rejuvenation treatment


Sub-healthy people such as high work stress levels, insomnia, and high pressure


People with endocrine disorders, sexual dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, early menopause, etc.


People with pre-aging of the body: lack of vitality, easy fatigue, aging of tissue and organ functions, etc.


People with a less functional immune system: People who are prone to colds or infectious diseases


People with insufficient mobility: people with osteoporosis, arthritis, degeneration of tendon/ligament, and decreased exercise capacity


Patients with diabetes, liver cirrhosis, post-operative nervous system damage, myocardial infarction, stroke, lupus erythematosus, etc.


Stem Cell Therapy For Anti-aging At SQ1


We have anti-aging therapy for the body as a whole. The cycle of therapy goes from 5 to 7 days. It is very desirable to repeat 1 time in 1,5-2 years. Therapy is performed by a combination of embryonic and mesenchymal cells in an amount dependent on the patient’s muscle mass (1 million cells/kg of muscle mass).




If memory, the concentration of attention (for men over 45, for women after 50, concentration decreases, “business acumen” is a bit lost) is a target – here we add neuroblasts (from 10 to 20 million), depending on the characteristics of the patient, usually one-time, as a part of the course of therapy.


Rejuvenation of male or female health (increased libido, sensitivity, testosterone, and estrogen-related issues) – here we add stem cells with an active receptor status to testosterone or estrogen.


There are special types of anti-aging like injection anti-aging therapy: the introduction of a combination of different kinds of stem cells into the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands, or other areas in need of aesthetic correction. Patients can tighten the contour of the face, reduce the severity of wrinkles, and improve skin quality. It uses a combination of mesenchymal, embryonic cells with molecules of collagen (a substance that makes the skin more elastic) and fibroblasts. We also use endothelial stem cells, depending on the area we are rejuvenating (lower half of the body). Treatment takes 3-5 procedures with intervals of 5-7 days.


Advantages Of Stem Cell Treatment For Anti-aging


Fundamental improvement


Stem cell transplantation can achieve the effect of cosmetic improvement on facial, hair, and body from internal changes, which is principally different from the general cosmetic treatment act with drugs or external measures.  Drugs and external cosmetics are just temporary measures to cure the symptoms but not the buried cause of aging. The cosmetic effect of stem cell transplantation is to rejuvenate the function of the body from the inside out through the intrinsic regeneration capacity of the body. The stem cells will be able to replenish the senescent cells and restore the normal balance of cell replacement in the body, thus achieving the anti-aging effect.


Advanced technology


Stem cell transplantation technology has been developed for many years, and there have been many clinical trials and successful cases. It is the most advanced medical technology in the medical field. Stem cells are pure biological products without any harmful chemical components, and there is no harm to the human body.


Significant effects


Stem cell transplantation for anti-aging has no recovery period, and the effect is quick and long-lasting, as soon as you finish the first anti-aging treatment, you can easily feel the general improvement of body function.


Multiple beneficial effects


Stem cells can not only delay the body’s anti-aging, but also can be used to treat and prevent potential diseases, eliminate the basis of the illness, and prevent disease onset.


Safe and free of side effects


The antigen expression on the surface of stem cells is very low, and the body’s immune system will not react to such undifferentiated cells, thus avoiding immune rejection and allergic reactions. The stem cell treatment is very safe, non-toxicity and free of side effects


Non-invasive and no scarring


Stem cell transplantation for anti-aging is through intravenous injection, there is no surgery, less trauma, and less pain. Does not contribute to the formation of fibrosis (dense scars, the appearance of a “mask on the face” effect).


How Can Stem Cell Therapy For Anti-aging Work


Multidirectional differentiation potential: Stem cells can differentiate into new functional cells to replace the decayed and damaged functional cells, thus restoring the function of tissues and organs, and delaying the aging process.


Cell activation: Stem cells can activate other stem cell groups that are in dormant or inhibited status. That will restore cell differentiation and repair functions which lead to the accelerated replacement of old/damaged cells in various tissues.


Paracrine effects: Stem cells secrets a variety of growth factors and nutrition factors. They can also improve the internal microenvironment of tissues and organs, stimulate cell proliferation, induce cell survival, and maintain the function of tissues and organs.


Immunomodulatory effects: If the body’s immunity is over-suppressed, stem cells can activate immune cells to functional status. If the immunity is over-activated, stem cells can regulate immune cells in time to achieve a dynamic balance of the body’s immunity.


SQ1 Stem Cell Services

During the whole treatment process, we’ll provide complete and first-class medical services to you. And to ensure your treatment effect, you can consult your doctor any time after the treatment.