Great Power’s other lightweight battery categories include car emergency batteries,  drone batteries, and so on. Great Power provides quality assurance for other lightweight batteries. The lightweight of the battery is the absolute biggest plus. When you hold it in one hand, you will be fuggin amazed at the difference.



18650 Lithium Battery

The standard 18650 battery is 18 mm around the circumference. The most significant characteristic of it is the continuous discharging rate.



Compared to the 18650 cell, the extra 5 mm length and 3 mm diameter of the 21700 cell increase its volume by 47%, that’s, 7700 cubic millimeters of space. So the capacity of it is higher. Accordingly, the lasting time is longer.


Pouch Battery

High energy density, high voltage, a wide range of operation, temperature, long storage life.


Square Aluminum Shell Battery

There are several types of square aluminum shell battery, for instance, 361310612 and 42173130. The charging temperature range is from 0 to 45 and discharging temperature range is from -20 to 55℃.


Lightweight Power Battery 18650-2000

Our major products include primary batteries, such as Li-FeS2, Li-MnO2, and Zinc-Air batteries, rechargeable batteries, such as Ni-MH, polymer Li-ion, cylindrical Li-ion, and square aluminum shell Lithium batteries.


Lightweight Power PACK

18650 cyclindrical pack line-Henan GP18650 1S2P (mass production) pouch pack line-Zhuhai GP4816/6016 (mass production) clients hello/china Tower square aluminum pack line-Henan GP application areas: new energy.


Passing The Rigorous Safety Test

In addition to the car Emergency ignition battery, Great Power also launched a new lithium manganate soft pack battery that fully matches the requirements of the new national standard, such as ultra-high safety, passing the rigorous safety test.


Advantage of Super Long Cycle Life

Drone battery has the advantage of super-long cycle life, 800 ~ 1500 cycles can be realized. With 60° C high-temperature storage performance, industry-leading low-temperature performance, and ultimate cost performance. The safety, reliability, and comprehensive cost performance of Great Power’s new lithium manganate soft pack battery are at the leading level in the industry.