Outdoor Garments with Outdoor Waterproofing Membrane

PTFE Membrane for Outdoor


Lightweight, windproof, durably waterproof and extremely breathable material:

Rain simply beads up and runs right off the surface of the jacket to keep you dry, allowing you to perform at the highest level in all weather conditions.


Our breathable waterproof and windproof membrane products are the ideal choice for outdoor gear, no matter you are on the snowing mountain or raining forest, it provides extraordinary breathability and durable waterproof property, keeping wearer extreme comfort and protection from head to toe.


Features and Benefits


Compared with popular PU non-porous membrane in the market, unique micro-porous PTFE membrane laminate allows sweat vapor out much easier, keeping dry inside.


Besides, SONGOD PTFE membrane is aging resistant which guarantees its durable and long-lasting reliability for wearing.


And it is extreme temperature resistant, even in severe cold polar region, SUNGOD PTFE cannot be cracked and still keep its superior breathability and waterproof property.