Outdoor LED Display Signage

Outdoor led full-color screens are generally used for building curtain walls, municipal engineering, sports events, stage backgrounds, etc. The outdoor LED screen has dense light-emitting points, so the brightness is relatively high, and it has a good waterproof function, which is less affected by weather factors. It has attracted high attention with its strong visual impact and has become a geographical indication of urban areas.


Why choose Outdoor LED Display Signage?


Durability: It’s more durable than traditional illuminated signs because it can reach up to IP67 waterproof level and last longer. They require simple repair and maintenance, and LED modules typically last up to 100000 hours.


Versatility: Outdoor LED screen have high brightness, about 4500-7000 nits. With the feature of change messages remotely, they’re a great choice for users that need quick updates and adjustments contents. You can schedule updates based on your needs, such as weekdays or time periods, so these versatile jobs are simple.