PC Carpet Flooring


The carpet pattern SPC flooring naturally simulates the carpet texture and touch. At the same time,SPC waterproof flooring is easy to clean and durable. The installation is economical, convenient, and easy to maintain.


Specification of SPC Carpet Flooring


Color Pattern

Floor Size

Plank Thickness

Wear LayerThickness

Back FoamThickness

SPC Flooringwith UV CoatingEmbossed Surface

Carpet Pattern






Features of Carpet Pattern SPC Flooring

Appearance And Style

Vinyl SPC flooring carpet can be customized and designed to replicate the appearance and style of various carpet materials.



Considering the cost of installation and maintenance, a vinyl base plate is more economical than a carpet.


Durability And Stability

Compared with carpets, vinyl SPC waterproof flooring is easier to clean/disinfect/maintain/replace, giving you an easier use and maintenance experience.