Medical Membrane for Medical Garments


PTFE Membrane for Medical


Our medical membranes are used in the surgeon’s clothing to isolate viruses and pathogens. Operating under difficult and demanding conditions, our moisture barrier membranes allow the skin to breathe by dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapor and effectively isolating the virus.


And during long time surgical operation, doctors may be perspiring a lot. SUNGOD BK-M Series PTFE medical membrane offers two to three times more breathability than traditional PE film.


Features and Benefits of Medical Membrane


Nowadays, the most used medical protection fabrics are disposable. While due to its low breathability and non-environment friendly, the market is demanding 3-layer reusable surgical gown and drape fabrics.


Reusable medical fabrics could provide better comfort and protection, and it saves the costing and reduces the biohazardous waste.